Get Your 2022 Garden Plants Soon!

We have a huge variety of plants available for 2022. You will LOVE all the choices. Try something different this growing season. Your taste buds will appreciate your garden experiments! CLICK on the links below for the full listing.


What a privilege to partner with nature in the growing of an abundance of plants! We fill our greenhouses every late winter with much anticipation. We love sharing the fruits of our labors with you once spring fever hits! But spring isn’t the only time we’re hopping. De Bloemen Hof has much to offer spring, summer, winter and fall!

We can help you with your choices! 

As growing season hits, we can help you choose annuals that compliment each other.

We are familiar with the growth habits of shrubs and trees so can help you pick what’s appropriate for your space.

Jill has earned the designation as a certified Proven Winners Grower, and is happy to share that knowledge with you.

Our Own Greenhouses

The benefit of having our own greenhouses is that the plants are under our care and control from a tiny sprout to the customer’s hands. The plants are just one step away from their habitat to the sales tables. Fresh!

Guaranteed to Grow

If you purchase your shrubs or trees from De Bloemen Hof, we offer a one year guarantee from the time of purchase. If you are concerned that your thumb isn’t green enough, take comfort that we will back you up!

Proven Winners Certification

The greatest benefit of becoming certified with Proven Winners is that we are confident and well-trained in the characteristics, growth habits, care requirements, and new varieties of Proven Winners annuals, perennials, and shrubs.


De Bloemen Hof carries a variety of gorgeous ceramic pots that make your flowers sing! And what would a garden be without a bit of whimsy? We have a colorful assortment of whirlygigs, flower holders and decor.

We also carry the necessary items to make them healthy – fertilizers, chemicals, sprays…whatever you need to keep your flowers and plants in tip top shape!

Pottery and Garden Art

Delight in the variety of beautiful ceramic pots and garden art that we carry. From the elegant to the whimsical, we have something for most any taste!

Chemicals & Fertilizer

You will find a broad assortment of chemicals and fertilizers, sprays and repellents that promote the health of everything that you grow. Not only do we carry the products, we will advise you in the use of them.

3 – Lawn & Landscaping Services

Landscaping Projects

Nature’s eye candy! That’s what lovingly designed landscaping will do for your home or business. Not only will it make the neighbors (or customers) ooh and ahh, but it will increase the value of your property. Let De Bloemen give you advice, or take on the whole project!

FREE Consultation

Lawn Care Services

Do you love to look out on a beautifully clipped lawn but don’t have the time to keep it up yourself? We would be happy to take over that chore for you. You get the best of both worlds; a gorgeous lawn AND sitting back with your iced tea in your lawn chair while the work continues to get done!

Custom Planters

There is nothing more welcoming than well-planned floral planters gracing your front entrance. Since we know how to put the right plants together, let us build your planters! They will look gorgeous all season long, and we will even keep up with the maintenance and watering!

4 – Gifts

Melissa & Doug Toys

These toys from Melissa & Doug are designed to offer children the space and freedom to be curious and creative.  De Bloemen Hof has a great selection of toys to encourage your child to use their imaginations!

Bereavement Gifts

We always want to pick out the perfect thing to express our condolences. Our broad selection of bereavement gifts will be helpful when your family, or someone you know, is going through a time of grief and sadness.